PBAAD029: Ram and Hanuman
[Oil Color Painting On Cotton Canvas]

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DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Hindu Religious painting of Hanuman painting depicts–
In this Indian Hanuman’s religious Hindu painting hanuman is cuddling ram, hanuman is main devotee of Lord Ram. He helped ram a lot in battle against Ravan and it is also known as monkey god which is totally looks like monkey and very powerful. So painting showing hanuman is cuddling with Lord Ram, very nicely and neatly painted very attractive.   


ARTIST: Award winner artist Mr. Gopal has made this marvelous Hindu Religious painting of Ram and Hanuman painting.

HINDU RELIGIOUS PAINTING STYLE: This beautiful handmade miniature art painting Ram and Hanuman Hanuman’s painting.

SIZE: This Hanuman’s painting is available in twelve various sizes starting from 9 X 12 inch to 48 x 72 inches.

CUSTOMIZE ORDERS: Our master artist can easily make this Hanuman’s painting in to any custom made size, you need.

 CANVAS: We are using cotton cloth for longer life of this Hanuman’s painting.
COLORS: These vibrant colors used in Hindu Religious painting are natural earth color. Stone colors are just like the water colors made from stones. The artists themselves prepare these to make the gorgeous Religious painting. The raw materials include for example, vegetables and malachite (for green), fruits, mustard oil (for black), soil (for yellow), lime (for white), indigo and lapis lazuli (for blue). In olden days, eggs, gold powder, silver foil, was also used. Burnt wood was used for making the initial sketches. This is a unique method of preparation of colors has been passed down from generations, since hundreds of years ago, when it was discovered. That’s why Hindu Religious painting is having prestige in the field of Arts.

PURE GOLD: To make Hindu Religious painting precious, we are using 24 carat pure gold at ornaments and dresses in painting, as it was really used by Royal persons in olden days. It is applied with the help of the brush as a color. This unique Indian method to convert gold in to liquid form has been passed down from generations, since hundreds of years ago. So the Hindu Religious painting is really precious.  

BRUSHES: These special brushes are made from the hair of the tails of squirrels and kittens, hair from the inner ears of sheep. To do miniature work on Religious painting, they also use a very special single hairbrush. This unique Hindu Religious painting method of preparation of brushes has been passed down from generations, since hundreds of years ago, when it was discovered. Therefore the Hindu Religious painting is having such stunning miniature artwork.

TIME REQUIRED: It all depends on the art work and sizes to be done. Normally it takes 10 to 15 days to make such type Hindu Religious painting of miniature artworks. Many times for special & detailed artwork, the time taken extends up to 1 month to 6 months. So, we can’t predict the exact time to make such attractive Religious painting.  

LIQUID IS HARMFUL: It is a harmful situation for water color paintings because the colors used in these paintings can easily dilute in water. It means any washing activity is injurious for artwork. So, you have to save Hindu Religious painting from water or any liquid.
If all of sudden some water drop, then you are suggested to without folding, squeezing or disturbing (means in normal position), put in direct sun light for heating purpose and after drying, bring it back in to shade. For your kind information water cannot damage oil paintings.
A simple solution to extend life of your Hindu Religious painting is to do framing. We can easily find 300 to 400 years old Hindu Religious painting in very good conditions.

ORIGINAL RELIGIOUS PAINTING: All artwork of Hindu Religious painting on the site are original, created by accomplished artists, who have learnt their skills from their earlier generations. Art of Legend India sources all artworks directly from these artists, because of which we are able to offer these unique works at reasonable costs to the buyer.

COPY RIGHTS: Copyright and reproduction rights of the painting are retained by the and company will defend all copyright and reproduction rights to the Religious painting. Please do not reproduce artwork without our written permission. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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