CB481: Beautiful Elegant Lantern
[100% Cotton Cloth]


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Product Name: - Beautiful Elegant Lantern
Craft Style: - Handmade Christmas Craft
Size: - Height -  95 cm X Diameter 14  cm.
weight - 90 gm
Material: - Cotton Cloth
Colors: - Maroon, orange
Pre-cautions: - Put the lamp carefully inside the lantern.
Country of Origin: - India
Craftsman: - Mr. Ramlal Mundra & group.

Product Description: - Lantern is of good quality in fantastic look in which iron on resin cover circle sticks are attached inside it for its support. Its look is absolutely elegant. Maroon threads are also hanging with it in large quantity. This is best for decoration, perfect on a big day as light weight 90 gm (approx) with height 95 cm (approx) and diameter 14 cm (approx). Best durable colorful piece at sensible cost…

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