PAAC008: Maiden Surprise at their bath - Bundi Art Paintings
[Water color on Cotton canvas]

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DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Indian Rajasthani painting "Maiden Surprise at their Bath" of Bundi style, depicts -

In this painting of Bundi style, in the palaces there were two types of gardens, the daylight gardens and the moonlit gardens. The center of the former by a bathing tank and at its side was a marble pavilion. In the hot summer month of May and June, the daylight garden was the favorite resort of the noble women's, its cool water providing relief from the burning heat of the day. The women's are sitting on the edges of the tank.

The women's had taken their bath and now they are clothing themselves. Three women's are sitting naked and other women covering them by a cloth. Their hair is very long and reaches up to their shoulders. In the background Krishna is sitting on a royal chariot and holding a lotus flower in his hand. In the tank a pair of duck is swimming.


ARTIST: Award winner artist Mr. Gopal has made this marvelous Indian Rajasthani painting "Maiden Surprise at Their Bath" of Bundi Style.

INDIAN RAJASTHANI PAINTING STYLE: This beautiful handmade miniature art paining "Maiden Surprise at their Bath" is belongs to the world famous Bundi Painting.

SIZE: This Bundi Painting is available in twelve various sizes starting from 3 x 4 inch to 48 x 72 inches.

CUSTOMIZE ORDERS: Our master artist can easily make "Maiden Surprise at their Bath" of Bundi painting in to any custom made size, you need.

CANVAS: We are using cotton cloth for longer life of "Maiden Surprise at their Bath" of Bundi painting.

COPY RIGHTS: Copyright and reproduction rights of the painting are retained by the Art of Legend India.Com and company will defend all copyright and reproduction rights to the Indian Rajasthani painting. Please do not reproduce artwork without our written permission. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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