PAAB011: Maharaja Chhatrasal - Kota Style Painting
[Water color painting on cotton canvas with pure gold]

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DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Indian Rajasthani Painting "Maharaja Chattur Sal" of Kota style, depicts -

 In this painting although uninsurable, the identity of this royal rider can be determined by comparison with other portraits of the Kota ruler Chattur Sal The painting is a typical Rajput equestrian portrait. In many parts of the world, equestrian portraits were used as the ultimate means of proclaiming the commanding strength of a ruler. As horses were especially important to the warrior rulers of the Rajput world, such portrayals were considered prestigious and consequently were frequently produced.

Although the painting dates from before his assumption of the throne, Chattur Sal is nonetheless shown in a regal manner astride a lively and grandly caparisoned horse, surrounded by various attendants carrying a royal parasol, peacock-feather fans as well as other princely paraphernalia. It was especially common in Rajasthani examples to find the retainers depicted on foot, emphasizing the distinction and status of the mounted ruler. The attendant’s animated poses, appearing to match the lively gait of horse, reveal the formal intentions of such portrayals, which were meant to extol the magnificence of the rider. Certainly in reality such attendants would have had to make a mad, unorganized dash to keep up with the horse, hardly what is presented in this smoothly orchestrated depiction Kota painting evolved from the earlier well-established Bundi School of painting, but as recently discussed. Kota patrons did not favor the same subjects.

Princely themes were of more concern, and there is large number of various kinds of portraits of the Kota rulers. Although politically Kota’s fortunes had fallen, the nineteenth century was a period of efflorescence in the arts, especially during the reign of Chattur Sal father, Ram Singh. Portraits of Chattur Sal like the present example, still display some of brilliance achieved in Kota painting even though certain stiffens as well as garish color, a result of newly utilized synthetic pigments from Europe, have also pervaded the works.


ARTIST: Award winner artist Mr. Gopal has made this marvelous Indian Rajasthani Painting "Maharaja Chattur Sal" of Kota Style.

INDIAN RAJASTHANI PAINTING STYLE: This beautiful handmade miniature art paining "Maharaja Chattur Sal" is belongs to the world famous Kota Painting.

SIZE: This Kota Painting is available in twelve various sizes starting from 3 x 4 inch to 48 x 72 inches.

 CUSTOMIZE ORDERS: Our master artist can easily make "Maharaja Chattur Sal" of Kota painting in to any custom made size, you need.

CANVAS: We are using cotton cloth for longer life of "Maharaja Chattur Sal" of Kota painting.

COPY RIGHTS: Copyright and reproduction rights of the painting are retained by the Art of Legend India.Com and company will defend all copyright and reproduction rights to the Indian Rajasthani Painting. Please do not reproduce artwork without our written permission. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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